Newhouse Farm boasts 620 hectares of combinable crops which include oilseed rape, winter wheat for feed/milling, winter barley for feed, spring barley for malting and spring beans, all grown in rotation. The rest of our land is permanent pasture and woodland. Crops are grown using precision techniques using variable rate seeding and fertiliser spreading. Our soil is regularly tested with a full electro-conductivity survey to ensure that varying soil types are mapped and soil structure and levels of nutrients and organic matter are preserved. All of the farm’s grain is stored and marketed through locally owned farming cooperative, Trinity Grain.

Since 1990, the farm has introduced a range of environmental schemes to promote wildlife. Currently, 64 hectares are planted with a mix of plant species to encourage wild bird nesting and feeding as well as allowing pollen and nectar species to flourish to help maintain insect life. This provides “corridors” of wildlife-rich land across the length of the farm.