our livestock



Our flock of sheep includes 50 Texel mule breeding ewes as well a Hampshire Down ram and Herdwick ram, allowing us to finish lambs all year round to the highest welfare standard. The flock grazes on the lush grass of the Downs, feeding on pasture and herbal ley. Typically lambing in March/April, all our sheep are grass fed, resulting in a slower growing lamb with our herbal ley reducing the need to worm as the herbs act as a natural anthelmintic. This produces a high quality meat which is deliciously full of flavour.

Our lamb is sold in Newhouse Farm meat boxes which are available for local home delivery. We also sell at our Newhouse Farm Christmas farmers’ markets and at open farm events.

our pigs

Our herd of Gloucester Old Spot pigs are born, bred and raised on the farm.  Gloucester Old Spots are a traditional, native breed which finishes over a period of six months to produce a slightly higher fat covering than commercial breeds. It is this slow growth and extra covering which offers depth of flavour and succulence. Our pigs are free range, living an outdoor life, roaming and rooting as nature intended and are fed on the highest quality pig feed.

Our Newhouse pork is sold in our meat boxes which are available for local delivery and can also be purchased at our Newhouse Farmers’ markets and open farm events.


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We offer a range of options in our local home delivery meat boxes. Our delicious lamb and pork boxes can be purchased regularly and game, shot on the farm, is offered seasonally. There’s something to suit every method of cooking within each box and best of all, you’ll know the provenance and quality of the meat you’re buying.

To find out more about our Newhouse Farm meat boxes, you can subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and be the first to find out when our next delivery of boxes will be available or alternatively email us at newhousefarmpartnership@gmail.com